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by DHRifleman

Downloads for the Deer Hunter Series & Trophy Hunter

Downloads for TH2003 Patch   Map Editor

Downloads for DH2004 Patch   Map Editor  Sounds Pack

  Vanish's 1.3 Mod - (DH2004) Make a temporary folder on your desktop.  Save this download to the temporary folder on your desktop.  Double click the file in the temporary folder.  Read the Readme first.txt file for installation instructions.  If you need help or have any questions, please email DHRifleman.

Downloads for DH2005 Patch   Map Editor   Demo


Setting Up DH2007 So You Still Have DH2004

(You may want to print these instructions to refer to as you install.)

Step 1

Download the dh04isv.zip file to your desktop you will use it later.  Get it here.

Step 2

In My Computer go to your Atari folder and make a new folder called Vanish DH2007 in it.  (To make the new folder click on File at the top, move the mouse to New, then Folder, click on Folder, and then type Vanish DH2007 and hit enter) you will see something like what is below:

Step 3

Right click on the Deer Hunter 2004 folder and then left click on Copy, then right click on the new Vanish DH2007 folder and left click on Paste.

Step 4

Double left click on the Vanish DH2007 folder and in the next window change the name of the folder Deer Hunter 2004 to Deer Hunter 2007.  (Do this by right clicking on the Deer Hunter 2004 folder and then left click on Rename and then type Deer Hunter 2007 and hit Enter).

Step 5

Double left click on the Deer Hunter 2007 folder you just renamed, and then double left click on the Game folder and delete all the maps in that folder.  (Do this by left clicking on each map once and it will turn blue and then hit the Delete button on your keyboard and then left click on yes.  Do this for all the maps.  Then delete the files in the screenshots, Trophies, Rec, and Scout folders.  Double left click on the folder and once it opens left click on Edit at the top and then left click on Select All, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard and then left click on yes.  Do this for the above-listed folders.  When you are done, close the window.

Step 6

Whatever you use to open .zip files you will need to use it on the dh04isv.zip file you downloaded to get  to the Deer Hunter 2004 ISV folder were the mod files are.  Once you have the unzipped Deer Hunter 2004 ISV folder, double left click on it, then left click on Edit at the top, and then on Select All. Then, left click on Edit again and left click on Copy.  Now, use My Computer to go to the C:\Program Files\Atari\Vanish DH 2007\Deer Hunter 2007 folder and right click on it and then left click on Paste. Left click on yes to all when prompted.

Step 7 (Last step)

Double left click on the Deer Hunter 2007 folder and then create an Icon on your desktop for the DH2007.exe file.  (Do this by putting the mouse over the file and press and hold the right mouse button while dragging to an open spot on your desktop and then when you let go, left click on Create Shortcut Here.  When you want to play the game just use that shortcut.  When you play the game DO NOT pick one of the maps at the top that have Whitetail, Blacktail, or Mule deer as it will corrupt the game.

PLEASE NOTE:  The first time you want to look at an exported trophy, open the Trophy Viewer in the Deer Hunter 2007 main folder and open the trophy from there.  After that, you will be able to just click on your exported trophy files and the right viewer will open them.  Also, in the Trophy Room Red deer will be listed under Whitetail, Pere David will be listed under Blacktail, and Fallow will be listed under Mule.


Here is an article written by Clem that will be very helpful for all of you hunters out there that have Windows Vista.

DH Series in Windows Vista

By Clem

General Information

All hunting games presently played in the ACL tournaments were made before the advent of Windows Vista.  Therefore, in order to be able to play those games on a Vista computer, the following information must be taken into consideration.  This information applies to DH2005, but to a large extent it also applies to DH2004 and to TH2003.   Note that those three games may react differently in Vista.


 Install DH2005 from the CD.  Also, before playing (opening) the game, install all the patches for the game.  For DH2004, install Vanish's Mods at this time.  Links to all the patches and Vanish’s Mods can be found on the ACL Homepage.  You may also at this time install the DH2005 Map Editor as certain Custom Maps may require it in the future. 

Vista Filing System

 The Vista Filing System for DH2005 is different than in Windows XP.  For example, go to c:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\game\screenshots (yours could be in a different location), you will notice a tab called “Compatibility Files” in the toolbar at the top of the screen.  To see a list of all the “Compatibility Files” folders used in the game:  when in the “Game” folder, click on “Compatibility Files.”  This is the location where files like hunter profiles, screenshots, trophies, etc. are kept in Vista.  For example, the folder “Screenshots” will display “This folder is empty” but the actual screenshots will be available when you click on “Compatibility Files.”

 Creating a Hunter

 When opening the game for the first time, a new hunter will be listed; i.e., John.  At this point, you can create your own new hunter or you can transfer one of your previously saved profiles, if you have any. Create your new hunter as usual and delete John.  However, even if you deleted John, his name may reappear the next time you open the game and/or the name of your newly created hunter may be added again to the list each time the game is started.  To prevent that, go to the profiles folder; i.e., C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\game\profiles, and if you see John’s profile on the list, delete it.  In addition, if you see your newly created hunter’s name in that folder, move it into the “Compatibility Files” folder under Profiles.  Also, if John’s profile is listed in the “Compatibility Files” folder, delete it.  The profiles for all the hunters you may use in the game must be located in the “Compatibility Files” folder in the Profiles folder.   You may add a previously saved profile to the game.  To do so, just ensure that it is copied to the “Compatibility Files” folder in the Profiles folder.


 There is a bug with the DH2005 TrophyViewer in Vista.  If you try to see a trophy with the TrophyViewer, you may get the error “TrophyViewer.exe has stopped working.”  The only known workaround for this bug is to temporarily move out any maps that you may have in the CustomLevel folder, including the SampleLevel, and move them back after you finish using the TrophyViewer.  For that purpose, on my laptop I have created a folder in the Game folder that I called “CustomLevels Temp” where I can temporarily move the maps when I want to use the TrophyViewer.

 Screen Resolution

Depending on the computer you have, when installing a game, Vista may not install all the screen resolutions that would have been installed on a XP Computer.  Try to find the best resolutions for your computer.  No workarounds have been found up to now to correct that.

To better explain, I have prepared a page with screen captures of the pertinent screens in DH2004. DH2005 works the same except for the TrophyViewer which works correctly in DH2004.  I have stored that page on my website.  Click here. 


 I hope the above information will help you play your favorite games on a Vista computer.  If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can email me here HAPPY HUNTING!


How to Submit an Entry for the ACL DH2005 Tourney

To Export and Save a Trophy

While in the game, go to the trophy room and find the trophy you want to submit. While viewing the trophy, click on the export button.  On the next screen, you can name the file what you want to.  If you don’t want to change the name, it will be the type of animal-hunters name-date and time you bagged the animal, e.g. WTNT_DHRifleman_10_14_2005_23_07, which would be a Whitetail, Non-Typical deer that was bagged by DHRifleman on 10/14/05 at 11:07 p.m.  Remember the date and the time that shows will be your local time, and not necessarily Eastern Time, which is what ACL goes by.  Just because the trophy says it was bagged before the date and time the entry is due by, the entry still needs to be in by the deadline.  

How to Take a Screen Shot and Find it in DH2005

You can take a screenshot in DH2005 while hunting on a map or in the trophy room.  All you need to do is hit the F10 key on the keyboard, and it will take a screen shot of whatever you see on the screen. The screen shots will be saved in the  C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Game\Screen shots folder. They will be in JPG format so when emailing them they don’t need to be zipped because they are already compressed.

To Send in an Entry

You will find the saved exported file in C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Game\Trophies folder, if you installed the game to the default location.  To send in an entry, write an email to honeywest, put “Your Hunter Name DH2005 Entry” in the subject box and attach the saved exported file, and the saved screen shot from the trophy room.


How to Download and Install Custom Maps in DH2005

First, download the maps to a location you can find later (desktop is always good).  If the maps have an SPK file extension, then they are in the correct format to be put right into the game.  If they are zipped, then you need to unzip* them first before putting them into the game.  The maps go into the C:\Program files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\ Game\Customlevels folder.  *Go to www.winzip.com to get the free WinZip download.


How to Change the Name of a Newly Created Weapon

First, click on New in the weapons creation screen.  Next, select the way you want your weapon set up (type of weapon, scope, bullet, etc.).  Then, double click on the name of the weapon (New Weapon 1, New Weapon 2, etc.). You will get a flashing cursor at the front of the name.  Use the delete key to clear the name and then type in the name you want.  Then, hit the enter key.  If you don’t hit the enter key, the name will revert back to "New Weapon" when you go to the selection screen.


How Do I Get the Office Web Components to View the Spreadsheets at ACL? 

Print this page so you can look at it as you do the downloads.  Please read through this whole thing once before proceeding. 

This is the link to the first file you need:  http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2002/owc10.aspx 

This is the link to the file you need if you have Vista (it is OWC11):  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7287252C-402E-4F72-97A5-E0FD290D4B76&displaylang=en

On the page you come to, scroll down to where you see “Download MDAC 2.5 SP1 (2.51.5303.5).” Click on that and download it to where you can find it, the desktop is a good place.  Once it is downloaded, click on it and it will install the first file you need. (If you are using Windows ME or later, you may already have  MDAC 2.5).  After you download and install the first file “mdac.exe”, look at this page again and click on this link:  http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2002/owc10.aspx

Near the top you will see “download”, click on that and it will download the Office Web Components.  Again, download to where you can find it, and once the download is complete, click on the file “owc10.exe”, that will install the Office Web Components.


Set Up a Router and a Firewall for Online Hunting in DH2005

To Host

If you have a router, you will need to put the PC that you are using to host your hunt into the DMZ of the router.  Depending on the router, you have to view the help files for the router to know how to do this.  Putting your PC into the DMZ will make your computer exposed to the internet as if the router wasn’t there.  You will have no hardware firewall protecting you at this time.  If you also run a software firewall like Norton, you will need to put the IP’s of those that will be joining your hunt into safe zones. You will also have to configure the firewall to permit all for DH2005.exe and Aphex.exe (Gamespy).  After doing the above, you should be able to host an MP game.

To Join

To join a Gamespy hunt, you will need to configure your software firewall as above to permit all for DH2005.exe and Aphex.exe (Gamespy), but you should not need the IP of the game you are joining.  If you are running through a router, you can forward the ports to the PC you will be joining with that the Gamespy and DH2005 servers use.  You should not need to put the PC into the DMZ of the router for this.  The ports used are:

 For DH2005

·         34567

For Gamespy

  • 6667 (IRC)
  • 3783 (Voice Chat Port)
  • 27900 (Master Server UDP Heartbeat)
  • 28900 (Master Server List Request)
  • 29900 (GP Connection Manager)
  • 29901 (GP Search Manager)
  • 13139 (Custom UDP Pings)
  • 6515 (Dplay UDP)
  • 6500 (Query Port)

Please direct all technical questions to our Technical Director, DHRifleman.

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