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You have just entered the longest, continuously running virtual hunting tournament site!

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Tournament News

by honeywest

FR_Bugs took First Place with a score of 349.090!!!  Congrats, FR_Bugs!!!

Swampfox took Second Place with a score of 345.800!!  Sweet, Swampfox!!

HunterBooth took Third Place with a score of 337.617!  Way to go, HunterBooth!

PLEASE NOTE:  This week's hunt is the Ultimate Championship Hunt!  Your invitation will be in your email.  (Everyone on the Active List on the Rankings page is invited.  If you don't receive your email, please let us know.)

Lodge News

by honeywest

 ClemD's Permitted Weapons page has been updated to include the 9.3X74R rifle.  Check it out here

ClemD also has a new page called Weapons and Matching Sights which shows what the reticle looks like for each scope and the weapons they go with.  Check it out here.



Click below to sign up for theHunter!  Registration is open and it is free to everyone!  Once you are signed up with an account, download the game right from your own My Page by clicking the Hunt button and it will guide you through the download of the 3D client and the Launcher.




Go directly to theHunter Latest News and Announcements here.

Check out theHunter Wiki.

Screen Shot of the Week

    submitted by honeywest for FR_Bugs  (Click pic to make it larger.)


        FR_Bugs Biggun Feral Goat!     



Joke of the Week

   submitted by Rowdyb  (Click pic to make it larger.)













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